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National Stormwater Management Scorecard

Canada Freshwater Alliance surveyed 30 communities across Canada to assess their adoption of green infrastructure policies and projects. See the summary here.

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Preliminary Proposal for Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Expansion

Here is the preliminary proposal to include the Argenta/Johnsons Landing Face into the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy, prepared by Mt. Willet Wilderness Forever. Find them on Facebook at, or send an email to for more information.

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The Final Report from our Community Values Survey is here!

We are so excited to be releasing the final report from our very intensive Community Values Study. We will have the raw data up on our website for use very soon, so please stay tuned if you are interested in

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Insights and Perspectives for Building Effective Watershed Governance in B.C

POLIS- Illumination OLIVER M. BRANDES & TIM MORRIS, with JENNIFER ARCHER, LAURA BRANDES, MICHELE-LEE MOORE, JON O’RIORDAN, and NATASHA OVERDUIN  In British Columbia, addressing freshwater challenges is a critical economic, social and ecological priority. The historic drought of 2015 depleted

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Balfour Ferry Terminal Relocation- Reading List

Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society is in the process of collating information with regard to this issue. We will be reviewing information from the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and various sources before making any formal response. We will

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What Happened to West Arm Burbot Stock in Kootenay Lake?

Use of an Age-Structured Population Model to Determine the Possible Causes for Recruitment Failure The West Arm of Kootenay Lake once supported a significant  burbot (Lota  Iota) fishery with an annual harvest of up to 20,000 fish in the late 1960’s

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This report has been prepared based upon the belief that it is possible to manage our watersheds and their natural surroundings in a sustainable manner. The intent of this document is to provide relevant stakeholders with pertinent environmental information to

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Dam Footprint Impact Summary – BC Hydro Dams in the Columbia Basin

The Columbia River has been extensively altered by dams built for flood control and hydroelectric power production in both Canada and the United States. In the Canadian portion of the basin, there are 19 facilities which generate about 50% of

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