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Taking care of Kootenay Lake together

Welcome to Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society, a place to learn and take part in your local water.

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FOKLSS Initiatives

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The Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society have been busy beavers and have developed the following 4 main initiatives to increase stewardship and protection of the Lake:

Water Quality Monitoring, Lake Observations, Report illegal activity, Osprey Nest Monitoring

Kootenay Lake Presentation, Outreach at various community events, Kootenay Lake Library

Convert your altered shoreline to a natural one, Shoreline restoration and resources (Kootenay Lake Partnership’s Shoreline Guidance Document), Wetland restoration

Working with the Kootenay Lake Partnership on the Lake Planning Process currently underway, Kootenay Lake Community Values Study.

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FOKLSS News & Stories from the Field

We are hosting a movie screening! Come watch The Meaningless Pursuit of Snow with us at the United Church, 602 Silica St. in Nelson on Friday, December 1 at 7PM. Tickets are $10 and will go directly t...

Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 28, and we would be so grateful for your support this season, especially as we are in a time of financial need. We know that you, like us at FoKLSS, care about...

Have you been hearing talk about the Columbia River Treaty lately? So have we! That’s because the treaty is currently under negotiation, with Canadian and American negotiators meeting in Portlan...

Since the creation of FOKLSS in 2012 we’ve come a long way!

 Friendly facts about Kootenay Lake 


meters is the maximum depth


th largest lake in BC


km2 of drainage area


Species of fish

A Soraya Olszewski film

A Message from Kootenay Lake

As friends of Kootenay Lake, we are dedicated to improving the health and stewardship of this waterbody. Together, with our volunteers, members, funders, and supporters we monitor wildlife and water quality, restore important habitats, clean shorelines, educate lake users, and empower local communities, First Nations, and stakeholders. But most importantly, we act as a voice for the lake, to ensure she thrives for future generations.

Be the voice, be a friend. Join us.

Film: Soraya Olszewski

Kootenay Lake Drone Footage: Douglas Noblet