Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline homeowners have a huge role to play in the health of the lake.  The trend of altering shorelines to include groomed beaches, imported sand, retaining walls, etc. can be harmful to the lake.   Homeowners may not think that by altering their small section of shoreline can have any impact, but it is important to remember that many people may be doing the same thing.  If the cumulative effects of altered shorelines can result in “death by a thousand cuts” we believe our lake can be healed by a thousand Band-Aids.

Photo Credit: Douglas Noblet

Photo Credit: Douglas Noblet

For information on how to convert your altered shoreline to a natural one or how to meet your needs as a homeowner but keep your shoreline healthy click here to see the Homeowners Resources section of our site.


2014 Harrop Wetland Restoration Project

The Friends of Kootenay Lake are pleased to announce they have received $35,800 from the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program and Environment Canada to restore the Harrop wetlands in Sunshine Bay Regional Park. The Harrop Wetlands Restoration Project will focus on restoring two degraded wetland ponds by reducing disturbance of sensitive riparian habitat by motorized vehicles, increasing the duration of water inundation of the upper pond to turn a population sink for provincially blue-listed western toads into a population source, and planting native plants. This restoration project will also provide habitat for a multitude of species including great blue heron and painted turtle.   The project has measurable, positive impacts on the environment and will provide opportunities for community members to take action and create long-lasting environmental protection and enhancement of a critical wetland area.

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