Lake Watchers Program

We need more eyes on Kootenay Lake!


Become a Lake Watcher today!

We at FOKLSS believe that in order to best protect the lake and its rich natural capital, we need to collect data to better understand the lake. If you see something on or around the lake that is in line with one of our focus areas, let FOKLSS know by filling out the form on our,

Lake Observations page


Our 3 main focuses for the Lake Watchers Program are:


1) Water Quality Monitoring

Photo Credit: Friends of Kootenay Lake

Photo Credit: Friends of Kootenay Lake

If you have observations and data that you are collecting for one of the Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society’s projects, follow to the iNaturalist Site to upload your information. For more information on how to take part contact us here

2)  Wildlife

Shore Spawning Kokanee

We are trying to learn more about where shoreline spawning is taking place. If you see a shoreline spawning Kokanee please fill out our observational form and call 250-354-6333 with the location and number of fish spotted. Read our handy guide on how to spot Shorespawners.

See a map on page 16 of the Shoreline Spawner distribution on Kootenay Lake 

Osprey nests

Photo Credit: Friends of Kootenay Lake

 Have you seen an Osprey nest around the lake? Were there any Osprey present? If you can answer these questions FOKLSS wants to know. This data will be cross-referenced with our existing Osprey data and can help us increase our understanding on the status of breeding Osprey. Ospreys are extremely important as they are considered bioindicators of aquatic health, depending almost exclusively on fish for their diet. Currently, there is a fishery decline occurring on Kootenay Lake and it has become increasingly important to enhance our knowledge of the breeding success of this sentinel species. Read more about the Osprey Monitoring Program.

Beaver activity

The province wants to know where beavers are active. If you see evidence of beaver activity on the Lake such as chewed stumps or other evidence of dam building, let us know.  

Species at risk

Can you identify Species at Risk (SAR) on Kootenay Lake? If so we want to hear from you.

Unsure if the animal you saw is a SAR? Go to BC Ecosystems Explorer and search the species common name and if it is either Red, Blue or Yellow listed in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock (ICH) Biogeoclimatic zone let FOKLSS know.


3)  Pollution

Photo Credit: Friends of Kootenay Lake

Shoreline Pollution

FOKLSS is invested in addressing the legacy of Styrofoam pollution on Kootenay Lake due to degrading docks. But we can’t always know where we should focus our efforts. Have you seen a beach covered in Styrofoam and other plastic pollution? Let us know, and we can help organize a community clean-up. Read more about our Beach Cleanup projects.


R.A.P.P Reports

Observe, record, report.  FOKLSS empowers residences to report illegal activity on the lake to the appropriate authority.  For example, if illegal poaching is observed you can call Report All Poachers and Polluters (R.A.P.P) line at 1-877-952-7277. Make sure you have the location, date and time of the incident if possible. If you make a call let us know what you saw and when you called the R.A.P.P line.