Lake Watchers Program

Want to get your hands wet and help out your lake?

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We at FOKLSS believe that in order to best protect the lake and its rich natural capital we need to collect data to better understand the lake.

Our 4 main focuses for the Lake Watchers Program are:

Photo Credit: Friends of Kootenay Lake

Photo Credit: Friends of Kootenay Lake

1) Water Quality Monitoring – what better way to protect the lake then to keep tabs on its water quality?

2)  Lake Observations – Have you seen invasive weeds on the lakeshore, a strange occurrence, weird weather, or neat wildlife?  We want to know about it.  Click here to find out more

3) Bird Surveys-

Kootenay Lake Osprey Nest Monitoring Project

This project will improve the information on the status of breeding ospreys in the Kootenay Lake area. The project will also contribute to engaging and educating Basin residents and catalyzing them to be active stewards of Kootenay Lake. Increasing our understanding of breeding Ospreys is extremely important as they are considered bioindicators of aquatic health, depending almost exclusively on fish for their diet. Currently, there is a fisheries decline occurring on Kootenay Lake and it has become increasingly important to enhance our knowledge of the breeding success of this sentinel species.

See more information here

4) Shore Spawning Kokanee Observations-  We are trying to learn more about where shoreline spawning is taking place. If you see a shoreline spawning kokanee please call 250-354-6333 with the location and number of fish spotted.  

See a map on page 16 of the Shoreline Spawner distribution on Kootenay Lake 

5) Report Illegal Activity – Observe, record, report.  This aspect of the Lake Watchers program will focus on empowering residence to report illegal activity on the lake to the appropriate authority.  For example, if illegal poaching is observed you can call Report All Poachers and Polluters (R.A.P.P) line at 1-877-952-7277