What We Do

Learn more about the Society's initiatives

The Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society have been busy beavers and have developed the following 5 main initiatives to increase stewardship and protection of the Lake:

Osprey Monitoring Program

This project will improve the information on the status of breeding ospreys in the Kootenay Lake area.

Lake Education

Kootenay Lake Presentation, Outreach at various community events, Kootenay Lake Library

Lake Planning

Working with the Kootenay Lake Partnership on the Lake Planning Process currently underway, Kootenay Lake Community Values Study

Shoreline Restoration

Convert your altered shoreline to a natural one, Shoreline restoration and resources (Kootenay Lake Partnership’s Shoreline Guidance Document), Wetland restoration

Lake Watchers Program

Water Quality Monitoring, Lake Observations, Report illegal activity, Osprey Nest Monitoring