Lake Education

We offer educational presentations to community groups and coordinate with schools, daycares and other school-aged groups to deliver fun, educational games and activities.


We want to empower community members to increase their knowledge about Kootenay Lake. Would you like FOKLSS to come and present to your group/organization about Kootenay Lake?  Presentations can be catered to your interest and could include topics such as:

  • Water quality monitoring
  • History of Kootenay Lake
  • How to get involved with stewardship on the lake
  • Local wildlife
  • Current events such as what the Kootenay Lake Partnership is doing to improved governance on the lake.

If you would like to schedule a presentation please feel free to contact us.


For information about the lake including homeowner resources please check out the Kootenay Lake Library section of the website.

Education is vital to reducing human impacts on the lake. Lake education is a foundational component to FoKLSS programs, and we are committed to spreading awareness and deepening the collective knowledge base within our communities.

Watch for a FOKL outreach booth at various community markets and festivals!