Become a Lake Lover

Give monthly

A Lake Lover is a monthly giver. You’re someone who is directly supporting Kootenay Lake and is actively stewarding it for future generations. In other words, you’re a pal who’s doing a lot of good.

Your monthly gift ensures Kootenay Lake is cared for, that vulnerable species are monitored, habitats are restored, and community members are kept up to date and educated on important issues happening around Kootenay Lake.

Becoming a Lake Lover is easy. You don’t have to worry about remembering to make a donation each year or renewing your membership. Once you sign up, it’s free-flowing from there! Any donation amount helps and makes a HUGE impact on the lake. You can start small, or go big. How ever much you choose, you are making a difference.



Loving your lake just got better…


What’s in it for you:

  • Easy to set up!
  • No reminder to renew support
  • Directly steward Kootenay Lake and educate community members
  • Your monthly gift can be put towards a membership
  • Get an exclusive “I’m a friend of Kootenay Lake” sticker

A sticker will be sent to you in the mail once you sign up! 


What’s in it for us:

  • Simple to manage
  • Provides us with steady support we can count on
  • Helps us keep the lights on, secure staff, and organize important projects


If you have questions about our Lake Lovers program or alternative donation options, you can reach out to our Environmental Outreach Coordinator:


Jesse Letford



For monthly gifts, we are using zeffy. This is a free platform for non-profits and doesn’t take a percentage off your donation. This means 100% of your gift goes to Friends of Kootenay Lake and our work to improve the health and stewardship of the lake you love!

If you would prefer to send us an e-transfer, it can be sent to