Join our group of lake keepers

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Shoreline Cleanups


Opportunities available Spring 2023

Pitch in and help clean up trash from Kootenay Lake’s shorelines! We host cleanup events throughout the spring, summer, and fall months around Kootenay Lake. Interested in arranging your own cleanups with friends? Contact us.

Watershed Monitoring


Opportunities available Summer 2023

Want to learn how to monitor creeks and streams in the Kootenay Lake watershed? Through our Watershed Monitoring program, you can learn how to monitor using the Canadian Aquatic Biomonitoring Inventory Network (CABIN) protocol and receive free training to become a certified “Field Assistant.” Use these skills to monitor creeks and streams in your own backyard or join FoKLSS staff in monitoring the Kootenay Lake watershed.

Osprey & Bald Eagle Monitoring


Opportunities available Spring 2023

Help monitor the reproductive success of Ospreys and Bald Eagles in the Kootenay Lake region! You will receive training in the spring on how to monitor these species and will be assigned an nest to monitor. You will also have the opportunity to join staff on the boat to monitor nests on the North, South, and West Arms of Kootenay Lake.

Western Toad Monitoring


Opportunities available Spring 2023

Learn how to monitor Western Toads and other amphibian species at Harrop Wetland and help collect data on their reproductive success, plant diversity, water levels, and more.

Education & Outreach

All year

Opportunities available: 

Summit Committee Members 

Are you a people person? Enjoy sharing your passion for Kootenay Lake with others? Through supporting FoKLSS staff at public events, education days at schools, committees, and more you can help educate and inspire your community on local lake stewardship.

Wetland Restoration


Opportunities available Spring 2023

Help enhance Harrop Wetland through basin construction, native vegetation salvaging and planting, monitoring and more.

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Grant Writing

All year

Help FoKLSS staff write grants throughout the year to support important stewardship and education projects.

Data Analysis

All year

Input data that was collected during the field season into our database, help analyze trends, and more.