Building Back B.C.’s Flood Infrastructure & Resources

Building Back B.C.’s Flood Infrastructure & Resources

“As much as man wants to control Mother Nature, I think Mother Nature has another story. If we’re not listening, if we’re not observing what’s going on around us … to me, it’s imminent the lake will return. Maybe not in my lifetime, but maybe in a generation or two.”

First Nation councilor Murray Ned has shared some insightful and forward-thinking solutions in a recent Narwhal article called “How to build back B.C.’s flood infrastructure better.” Along with his story, there are a number of other local experts and community members who comment on the need for changing the way we respond to climate change, highlighting the importance of nature-based solutions.

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Last week the RDCK indicated that water levels in various creeks, rivers, and streams throughout the region are at higher levels than normal. The RDCK Emergency Operations Centre are monitoring local waterbodies to keep an eye on their levels. Read the full post and important Emergency Preparedness Resources here:

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