Become a FoKLSS Board Member!

Become a FoKLSS Board Member!

We need more inspiring people like you to join our team of Board of Directors!

As a board member, you volunteer your time to provide guidance and feedback at our meetings, help out at our events and workshops, and offer your expertise in all aspects of project planning and implementation. You support staff with making important decisions regarding the organization and play a significant role in moving our projects and programs forward.

Becoming a Board Member is an impactful way to turn your concerns for Kootenay Lake into action. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get connected to your community and work together with other like minded individuals who are dedicated to improving the health of the lake.


“Whether swimming, kayaking or fishing on Kootenay Lake, it’s always a fresh adventure. Some days it’s enough to just sit and watch shorebirds or the sunlight as it plays across the waves. Becoming a Friends of Kootenay Lake board member gave me the opportunity to learn more about the lake and meet others who are passionate about it. It’s satisfying to work on projects that will protect and enhance our lake environment. I’d encourage anyone who cares about the lake and has a desire to be a steward of it to join the board and take advantage of this opportunity.”
– Greg Utzig, Board of Director




To apply for this volunteer position, please: