FOKLSS Podcast Series – Call for Musicians

FOKLSS Podcast Series – Call for Musicians

We are excited to announce that Friends of Kootenay Lake is in the initial stages of creating our own podcast series, and we want to use local music for our soundtracks!

If you are a Kootenay local and a musician, we would love to feature your music in our upcoming podcast episodes.
We encourage representative multi-cultural content and are open to various genres. If you know of someone who might be interested in this opportunity, feel free to pass this message along to them.


Before applying, please read through the submission guidelines carefully, and fill out the submission form.
Submissions will be ongoing as the program evolves.



Music_Submission_Form (PDF)

Music_Submission_Form_Fillable (PDF)

Music_Submission_Form (Word Document)


Email your submissions to

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team at:


P: (250) 777-2744


More on the Podcast:

The goal of creating this podcast is to establish an informative and engaging hub for information sharing where listeners can learn about work being done in the Kootenay Lake area. This podcast is a community-based project that will utilize the collective knowledge of our community. Episodes feature local experts, historians, advocates, artists, cultural leaders, recreationalists, and storytellers in various fields.

Our vision for this podcast is to bring local communities together around our shared love and curiosity of Kootenay Lake. Kootenay Lake is a center piece of our community that holds immense cultural, spiritual, environmental and recreational value. It acts as an anchor for those who grew up here and draws in new community members. Throughout Friends of Kootenay Lake’s years of operation, we have worked to educate lake residents on the importance of lake health and stewardship. Our region has a history of conservation and environmental advocacy which has created a culture of concerned citizens who want to see the lake thrive for future generations. We believe that on the ground stewardship action and environmental education is the best way to build upon this legacy and continue to promote sustainability in an increasingly uncertain future.

Creating this podcast allows our organization to reach more individuals all around the lake and offer free, accessible, year-round environmental education to those who want to become more informed. These interviews will be accompanied by pieces of music and art created by local artists, making this project a celebration of Kootenay Lake and those who live around it.