Harrop Wetland Closed Oct 31-Nov 4

Harrop Wetland Closed Oct 31-Nov 4


We are excited to share that the construction phase of our Harrop Wetland Enhancement Project will soon be underway. The project is a direct conservation action that will improve wetland habitat and reduce mortality of western toad tadpoles, a COSEWIC species of Special Concern, that are affected by insufficient water levels, disease, habitat loss, and climate stress.

Goals for 2022:

Improve 0.7 ha of previously restored wetland habitat to make it more climate resilient by increasing the hydro-period, water depth, shade cover and habitat diversity, addressing ongoing concerns of western toad tadpole mortality caused by insufficient water levels.


The issue:

In low water years, the Sunshine Bay pools cause a population sink for western toads as the pools dry up before tadpoles can develop. In some years, the pools do not fill with water at all (such as in 2021). Increasingly hotter, dryer summer climates increase evaporation and water temperatures at the site. Additionally, the site is a monoculture of invasive reed canary grass, providing little habitat value.


Why restoration:

To ensure climate resilience, the wetland must have a reliable water source and more shade cover to combat high temperatures and unpredictable lake and pond water levels.

Improvements will provide nesting habitat for waterfowl; breeding habitat for western toad, pacific chorus frog, and numerous insect species; and feeding grounds for bats, songbirds and waterfowl. Additional benefits include water filtration, floodwater storage, removal of invasive grass and wildlife viewing opportunities for the community.


The plan for 2022:

  1. The wetland will be dug out in a bowl-shaped fashion, with surface-water-sustained ephemeral pools stepping down to a groundwater-sustained perennial marsh
  2. Pits, mounds, points, and peninsulas will be formed
  3. Native vegetation will be planted to create microhabitats and shade cover


How to Help:

One of the best ways to support Harrop Wetland is to actively get involved in the restoration efforts. By volunteering or supporting this project financially, you are ensuring that western toads and hundreds of other species have a sufficient habitat they can rely on every year.

Help with Native Planting happening from November 8-10th


If you have questions about this restoration project, please email info@friendsofkootenaylake.ca or call 250-777-2744.