Introducing a New Program: Kootenay Lake Takes Part in Love Your Lake

Introducing a New Program: Kootenay Lake Takes Part in Love Your Lake

***Deferred until 2022***

We are excited to announce a new program we will be starting in the coming weeks… Love Your Lake!

Love Your Lake is a shoreline evaluation program developed by Canadian Wildlife Federation and Watersheds Canada. As an organization, we made the decision to perform the necessary assessments on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake with the goal of protecting and enhancing the shoreline and overall lake health for people and wildlife!

We will be assessing lakeshore properties on the West Arm over 2 years by boat using a standardized assessment protocol and data sheet. All of the data we collect will then be entered into a secure database that will produce reports for each shoreline property. Each report provides suggested voluntary stewardship actions for shoreline improvements and property maintenance. These suggested actions will benefit the health of the lake ecosystem!

We will be starting initial assessments in June. Between our start date and mid-August we are hoping to assess over 500 lakeshore homes on the West Arm!

Every shoreline property owner will be able to access their report online once our assessments have been completed.

The Love Your Lake program will also provide us with a Lake Values Summary Report! The report will summarize all of the data collected and provide us an understanding of what is of most value to lakeshore property owners, so we can continue to advocate for lake stewardship in the community.

We’re looking forward to seeing you out on the lake!

Feature photo from Douglas Noblet.