Kokanee Salmon School Program Videos

Kokanee Salmon School Program Videos

The Kokanee Creek Nature Centre has released three spectacular educational videos for school-aged children through their Kokanee Salmon School Program. The videos capture the awe-inspiring essence of our native and local salmon, and are perfect educational materials to showcase in class or at home.

Watch the videos on their Vimeo site here!

Kokanee Connections

Come with us to discover the fish, the people, the ecosystems, and the fun at Kokanee Creek Park! Footage Credit: Neil Boyle.


They Will Survive – Kokanee Life Cycle Song

What better way to explore the lifecycle of the Kokanee salmon than though song? From egg to carcass, this song reinforces the Kokanee’s life stages and the promise of salmon for the future. Thanks to theFrizzlives for the original inspiration. Footage Credit: Neil Boyle.


Kokanee Dissection

What makes a fish a fish? In this close look at a Kokanee spawner we will discover some of the amazing fishy adaptations which help the salmon survive in the freshwaters of Kootenay Lake. Footage credit: Neil Boyle.