Osprey Monitoring Workshop: Volunteers are Ready to Start Monitoring!

Osprey Monitoring Workshop: Volunteers are Ready to Start Monitoring!

Our Osprey Monitoring Workshop, co-hosted with Joanne Siderius, has now come and gone! Thank you to all of the eager and curious community members who attended. There were tons of great questions and an obvious interest in supporting this monitoring program.

Our Assistant Program Manager, Kayla, introduced FoKLSS and our Osprey Monitoring Program before Joanne ran the workshop, and attendees were positively receptive of the program.

Attendees were given a crash course on all-things osprey from Joanne. Joanne covered topics such as why ospreys are important in aquatic ecosystems, recognizing male from female and young from adults, factors affecting osprey distribution, migration patterns, how to monitor, and more.

Joanne asked the group several questions throughout the workshop to test knowledge and memory, and almost every question asked was answered 100% correct.








For anyone unable to attend the workshop, but still interested in learning about osprey and osprey monitoring, the workshop is posted on YouTube and can be found here!

Thank you to Joanne for helping us deliver this awesome workshop, and to Columbia Basin Trust and BC Gaming for funding our osprey program!