Shore Spawning Kokanee Habitat Restoration Project Update: Egg Capsules Removed

Shore Spawning Kokanee Habitat Restoration Project Update: Egg Capsules Removed

Kokanee egg capsules have been removed from McDonalds Landing Regional Park. Egg-to-fry survival data collection is complete.

Egg capsules/tubes are perforated plastic containers in which fish eggs are placed to allow for the observation of egg development. On November 6th, 2020, FOKLSS filled ten egg capsules with kokanee eggs and temperature data loggers and buried them at varying elevations at the recently restored kokanee shore spawning site at McDonalds Landing Regional Park.

On February 26, 2021 the egg tubes were excavated with the help of a volunteer diver. Date, time, water levels, water temperature and water depth were recorded for each capsule removal. The capsules were then assessed for egg-to-fry survival by Fish Biologists with the Ministry of Forest Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD) Fisheries Branch and volunteers. Temperature data from each data logger were retrieved and uploaded on-site. Biologists enumerated the number of eggs, alevin and fry within each tube and noted presence of invertebrates, substrate type, fungus, and any other observations.

Overall, egg development was very low with high egg mortality rates and few alevin in each capsule.

There are many variables that influence young kokanee development and survival including but not limited to substrate, groundwater, water depth, tube placement, water temperature, tube permeability, access to food, and dissolved oxygen levels. The project team of specialists will analyze collected data over the next few weeks and discuss the results of the study.

We could not have completed this work without the support of our amazing volunteers. Special thank you to:

Gary Munro
James Baxter
Molly Teather
Bruce Morrison
Lois Morrison
Jeff Burrows
Natasha Neumann
Matt Neufield

And our funders, Fortis BC, Columbia Basin Trust, Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program, Regional District of Central Kootenay and Public Conservation Assistance Fund.

We appreciate all of your support!

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