Wildflower Storm-Water Education Days

Wildflower Storm-Water Education Days

FOKLSS Goes Back to School !!

In early April Friends of Kootenay Lake held a stormwater education program for kindergarten and grade one students at the Wildflower in Nelson, BC. Over the two days the kids we learned what stormwater is and explored where it goes and how it affects the health of Kootenay Lake.

We created a model of things we expected to find in Kootenay Lake like clean water, fish, and plants and had examples of what harmful things we sometimes find in the lake. These were then added to our clean lake showing how dirty the lake can get because of pollution. We walked around the school showing the kids what storm drains look like and what bad things could end up down the drain. Our group eagerly helped us pick up garbage by pointing out the litter they saw on our walk. They learned how there are many ways pollution can end up in the lake, but one of the most common is through storm-water drains and run-off.

The next day we created a storm drain map in the hallway and got the kids to draw what things should and shouldn’t be in the lake. We then took a field trip down to Duck Bay where we showed the kids where a big culvert emptied into the lake and showed them the plants we had planted as part of our restoration project.

It was a great two days of fun and learning, made possible by the awesome kids and staff at Wildflower School!