Nest Box Design Package – for download

Nest Box Design Package – for download

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Nest Box Design

Want to increase the habitat values on your property?  Installing and maintaining nest boxes is a great way to help wildlife and increase wildlife viewing on your property.  This nest box design package will walk you through how to build the boxes and where to place them.

If you do decide to install a nest box, Friends of Kootenay Lake would love to know so we can track lake-wide how many nest boxes have been put up.  Simply call us at

 email us at with the box type (ex. bat, waterfowl) and location (address or GPS coordinate). 

Putting up a nest box is a long-term commitment as once a bird or bat starts to use the box there is a good chance they will return from year to year.  The nest boxes need annual maintenance.  During February to mid-March, you should remove old nesting material and add new cedar wood shavings (wood shavings are only needed for wood duck and chickadee nest boxes).

Click here to download the design package you can follow for your Nest Box creations: Nestbox Design Package