Harrop Wetland Update: New Volunteers Trained to Monitor Amphibians

Harrop Wetland Update: New Volunteers Trained to Monitor Amphibians

On May 29 at Harrop Wetland, long term volunteers, new volunteers and neighbours to the site helped gather amphibian data at the site. This data will help inform future stewardship and restoration action! These dedicated volunteers will monitor in 2021 and in future years!

We were joined by Wildlife Technician Kat McGlynn who monitors amphibians at built wetland sites around Kootenay Lake and else where in the Columbia Basin. Kat was also the Program Manager for FoKLSS in 2016. She provided an in-kind workshop to our volunteers!

Workshop topics included the importance of wetland monitoring, amphibian biology and behaviour, how to ID egg masses, tadpoles and adults, and more. Kat has a deep love and passion for amphibians and wetlands and we were very grateful to have her share knowledge in such an engaging way! We cannot wait to begin our monitoring this year!

Kat will also offer additional learning opportunities to volunteers virtually such as how to ID amphibian calls.

Thank you to the volunteers who participated! We’re looking forward to talking about the Harrop Wetland at the Community Meeting in a few weeks!

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